Potts Mountain Bengals 

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When looking for a Bengal, you will find out that there is a wide range of prices. All of my Bengals are vet certified, registered through TICA, and come from champion bloodlines.   I price my kittens accordingly from Household Pets to Breeders.  All of my cats come with a one year health guarantee.  Remember... you get what you pay for!!!!!  I take my kittens care very seriously also to my customers.  I will not sell you a Pet standard kitten at a Show /Breeder price. I encourage my customers to call and check in with me if questions are needed to be answered.  My goal is to place a kitten in your home to fit your needs

Kevin & Jennifer Tingler - Owners

10791 Potts Creek Rd.

Covington, VA 24426

​(540) 897-5297

​Email: kevintinglersr@gmail.com

Their beautiful coat's pattern ranges from Rosettes to Marble.  Something else that is unique to a Bengal's coat is glitter.  Glitter imparts an iridescent sheen to each hair which simulates that he has been rolling around in glitter. Bengals are highly energetic, more like the disposition of a dog.  They love water, playing fetch, love walks on the leash and you can even toilet train them.
PottsMountainBengals is a small family owned and operated cattery located near
Paint Bank, Virginia.
We strive for the wild look and the loving heart.

When an Asian Leopard and a domestic cat were bred, a star was born, and it's called the Bengal.  They have the look of the Asian Leopard Cat but the temperament of the domestic cat. 

What Are Bengals and Where Do They Come From?

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