Their beautiful coat's pattern ranges from Rosettes to Marble.  Something else that is unique to a Bengal's coat is glitter.  Glitter imparts an iridescent sheen to each hair which simulates that he has been rolling around in glitter. Bengals are highly energetic, more like the disposition of a dog.  They love water, playing fetch, love walks on the leash and you can even toilet train them.

When an Asian Leopard and a domestic cat were bred, a star was born, and it's called the Bengal.  They have the look of the Asian Leopard Cat but the temperament of the domestic cat. 


Potts Mountain Bengals 

PottsMountainBengals is a small family owned and operated cattery located near
Paint Bank, Virginia.
We strive for the wild look and the loving heart.

What Are Bengals and Where Do They Come From?

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When looking for a Bengal, you will find out that there is a wide range of prices. All of my Bengals are vet certified, registered through TICA, and come from champion bloodlines.   I price my kittens accordingly from Household Pets to Breeders.  All of my cats come with a one year health guarantee.  Remember... you get what you pay for!!!!!  I take my kittens care very seriously also to my customers.  I will not sell you a Pet standard kitten at a Show /Breeder price. I encourage my customers to call and check in with me if questions are needed to be answered.  My goal is to place a kitten in your home to fit your needs

The Most Reputable Bengal Breeder in

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